Make a paper laptop and phone

Celebrate World Telecommunications and Information Society Day and International Day of Families

Activity time: 30 minutes

Families use the internet and phones to stay connected  no matter how close or far away we live from each other.

There are lots of different families all across the world and staying connected with each other is important to share stories and feel supported.  

In this video make your own laptop and phone to communicate with your family and friends.  

Download the family guide for more fun activities:   

  • Make an old-fashioned string phone
  • Teach a friend or family member how dance over a video call
  • Crack the code using Morse code
  • Listen to our playlist and have a household boogie!

Family guide

You’ll need....

  • paper or card
  • scissors
  • crayons, textas, pencils
  • glue stick or sticky tape.