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Make a photo frame

Celebrate World Refugee Day

Activity time: 10 minutes

Refugees are people, young and old, who leave their home because it's not safe to stay there. This means they have to leave their school, their friends, sometimes their belongings and family. Often refugees don’t know where their new home will be or when they’ll arrive. That’s why it’s important to try and make all people feel welcome when they move to a new place.  

In this video we make photo frames to put special memories in, learn about the challenges refugees face and how they contribute to their new communities. How we can make everyone feel welcome? 

Download the family guide for more fun activities: 

  • Malala's story 
  • Muzafar's journey 
  • Make Muzafar's mum's recipe for qalibi pialo 
  • Dr Karl's story
  • Play the cooperation game 


Family guide

You’ll need....

  • cardboard 
  • photos or a drawing 
  • scissors 
  • crayons, textas or pencils 
  • glue stick or sticky tape.

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