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Make a microphone and video camera

Celebrate World Press Freedom Day

Activity time: 30 minutes

‘Freedom of the Press’ is an idea supported by many governments around the world. It protects journalists, people who report the news, so they can do their job.  

Celebrate journalists who provide factual and unbiased information to people around the world. 

Being able to report the news is an important part of democratic societies because it allows ordinary people to access facts about the world and exercise their rights and responsibilities as citizens. 

In this video make a microphone and video camera and learn about the importance of telling the truth in reporting the news.  

Download the family guide for more fun activities:

  • News story ideas 
  • Sniff out a story 
  • Draw the news 
  • Make your own newspaper about your family and your home

Family guide

You’ll need....

  • paper or cardboard 
  • foil 
  • recycled small box 
  • scissors 
  • crayons, textas or pencils 
  • glue stick or sticky tape 
  • cardboard roll (optional).