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Learning programs terms and conditions

The following terms and conditions are in addition to the overall Canberra Excursion Terms and Conditions outlined on the Book Canberra Excursions portal.

MoAD (Museum of Australian Democracy) at Old Parliament House is a living museum of social and political history, located in a nationally listed heritage building in Canberra.

Our heritage listing requires all our education programs to adhere to set rules and regulations in order to maintain the fabric of the building.


  • There are number caps set for access to particular historic spaces of the building and student groups require MoAD Learning staff to accompany them in these areas.
  • Program group numbers need to be confirmed for MoAD staffing ratio purposes; changes on the day of the program may affect our ability to honour your booking.
  • No food or drink, iPads or bags are to be brought into the building.
  • Teachers have duty of care for students and a school staff member is required to be with students at all times throughout the program. Student behaviour is the responsibility of accompanying teachers and adults.

See our Venue and Safety documents for additional details to prepare for your group’s visit.


  • Entry cannot be guaranteed for groups without confirmed bookings.
  • Admission may be refused, or if possible an alternate program substituted, when student numbers exceed the scheduled confirmed booking total. Note: our MoAD staffing ratio is one presenter per 37 students, and staffing of programs is made based on confirmed numbers. Any unexpected student increases on the day, which result in a program changing from being a single- to a co-presented program (38 students and above), may impact our ability to provide a program to all students. In this situation the additional number of students above the threshold of 37 may not be able to participate in the program.
  • If claiming the Parliament and Civics Education Rebate (PACER) each group that presents for a program is required to have their own PACER form with them for stamping.
  • A teacher will be required to sign confirmation of group numbers with MoAD Learning staff for invoicing and PACER claim purposes. No change to numbers can be made after signing.

Confirmation of booking

All bookings must be confirmed a minimum of two weeks prior to the booking date. When a booking is still unconfirmed two weeks out from a visit, the booking may be cancelled.


Booking alterations and/or cancellations require a minimum of 14 days’ notice prior to a scheduled visit. Cancellations fewer than 14 days ahead of visit will result in a program cancellation fee of $50 per timeslot. Non-arrivals for a program will also result in a program non-arrival fee of $50.

Late groups

If your group is running late contact the Bookings Officer on (02) 6270 8282.

  • Groups arriving more than 15 minutes after the scheduled booking time may have their session cancelled.
  • Having a late group may also affect your eligibility for PACER.
  • Any requested alterations to a booked program on the day (i.e. request to leave 10 minutes early) may render your group ineligible for PACER.