Celebrate activists and their allies who have championed justice and equality. 


Main floor

Australian women were the first in the world to achieve both the right to vote and to stand for election, yet they still faced inequality. This exhibition, proudly supported by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia's Next Chapter program, tells the story of the fight for women's rights in Australia.  

Discover the remarkable stories of activists like Edna Ryan campaigning for equal pay in 1974 and Nyadol Nyuon's advocacy for refugee women today.  

 See the first pamphlets organising women to protest, the hand-embroidered banners of craftivist Tal Fitzpatrick, Julie Bishop's red resignation shoes and much more.  

A pink embroidered banner with the words #metoo in the centre and images of women's face surrounding it.

#metoo by Sofia Fitzpatrick and Tal Fitzpatrick.

A green embroidered banner with the words 'biology is not destiny'.

Biology is Not Destiny by Tal Fitzpatrick.

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There is seating in the exhibition.