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Highlights of Old Parliament House

Hear stories of the people and events that shaped Australian democracy in the very place it happened.


King's Hall


Daily at 10:45am, 11:45am, 1:45pm, 2:45pm


45 minutes



This tour takes you through some of the building's most important spaces and uncovers fascinating stories about its occupants.

Take a seat in the leather chairs of the Senate Chamber and wonder who might have sat in this seat before you. See the office where 3 prime ministers have worked. Find out why there's a barber's chair in the building and the story behind all the clocks.


Group bookings for this tour are capped at 10 people. If you are booking for a group of more than 10, please email or phone 02 6270 8222.

A corner of an office like its from the 1980s with typewriters, cassette tapes, small TVs and 80s fashion.

This colour photograph captures a conversation between Prime Minister Bob Hawke seated on the left and Treasurer Paul Keating seated on the right. The photo shows the corner of the desk with Hawke sitting behind the desk while Keating sits to the side with both men facing each other. Both are dressed in black suits with white shirts and red ties contrasting the pale blue curtains in the background.

Two small steps with red carpet leading into the Senate Chamber with dark wooden furniture positioned in U-shape around a central table.

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Some areas of the House of Representatives and Senate are inaccessible to wheelchairs. The Prime Minister's suite has tight, narrow corridors.