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Madam Speaker Tour

This tour showcases the achievements of Joan Child, the first woman Speaker of the House of Representatives.


King's Hall


Daily at 2pm


20 minutes


All ages



When Joan Child was elected in 1986 to become the Speaker of the House, the words 'Madam Speaker' were spoken for the very first time in Australian Parliament, replacing 'Mister Speaker', immediately earning her a unique place in Australian history. What else did Child accomplish in this history-making role?

On this tour discover the remarkable achievements of Madam Speaker and visit the Speaker's Suite, where she and her staff worked and hosted VIPs in style in the Suite's dining room.


Group bookings for this tour are capped at 10 people. If you are booking for a group of more than 10, please email or phone 02 6270 8222.

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All areas of the tour are accessible by wheelchair.

There is no seating on this tour route.