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Old Haunted House Experience

Is Old Parliament House really haunted? You decide.






90 minutes





Old Parliament House was recently listed by Travel + Leisure magazine as one of the 35 most haunted buildings in the world.

Join us on this guided tour for a special after-hours interactive experience, where you will gather evidence and decide for yourself whether Old Parliament House is actually an old haunted house.

Equipped with ghost-hunting tools, you will be taken through the heritage rooms, corridors and exhibitions after dark, whilst hearing stories of death, murder mysteries and supernatural sightings in and around the building.

Not for the faint hearted - do you dare?


A section of the Old Parliament House building, with the moon in the night sky in the background.

Looking down a winding staircase from above.

Two bright lights on pedestals with the night sky and a tree in the background.


Saturday 9 December 2023
Saturday 6 January 2024
Saturday 13 January 2024
Saturday 20 January 2024
Saturday 27 January 2024

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All areas of the tour are accessible by wheelchair.

The tour is conducted by torchlight and the whole building is dimly lit.

This tour discusses deaths that have occurred in the building and supernatural themes, such as ghost sightings.