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Junior Investigators



Digital experience



Students will use their curiosity to discover historic places in Old Parliament House, develop civics and citizenship understanding and find connections between our democratic systems and their lives. Participants will collaboratively interrogate and discuss past and present objects, people, places and events. Together we will reflect on change and investigate how students can participate in their communities and take action. 

Students will:

  • visit historic spaces in Old Parliament House
  • engage in rich discussion and reflection around making positive changes
  • participate in interactive and engaging learning activities 
  • explore their rights and responsibilities in our democracy.

Key information

You will need a Zoom account connected to an interactive whiteboard in your classroom.

We will send you a Zoom link upon registration.

We offer test connections to any teachers who would like to check in before the program.

30 minutes


For engagement and meaningful interaction with students, we request a maximum of 30 students for each booking. Multiple classes can be booked through the same form.

We have pre-recorded digital excursions available to support students.

Please email or call 02 6270 8222 with any changes or cancellations.

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