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Leading Together Digital Workshops



Digital experience



Through activities, real-world examples and collaboration, students will develop their leadership qualities. We help them to consider areas for personal development and how they can work together to create positive change.

Single session leadership workshop

This full day workshop is broken up into 3 sessions:

  • What is a leader? What is leadership?
  • Who am I as a leader?
  • How can we lead together?

We will send you resources to use during the workshop.

Series of leadership workshops

Connect with us at least once a term in a format that suits you.

Students will:

  • actively participate in engaging inquiry and visible thinking activities
  • consider who they are as a leader and how they can support others.

Teachers will:

  • connect and co-plan with our expert educators
  • exchange in professional development with us around leadership, authentic student voice, agency and media literacy
  • participate in bespoke leadership resources not available outside this program.

Key information

You will need a Zoom account connected to an interactive whiteboard in your classroom.

We will send you a Zoom link upon registration.

We offer test connections to any teachers who would like to check in before the program.

We can structure the sessions to suit you – one hour, half day or full day.

Suitable for large groups and multiple classes in the same session.

Please email or call 02 6270 8222 with any changes or cancellations.

Check our Terms and conditions for information about changing or cancelling programs.