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Make tropical bird puppets

Celebrate International Day of the Tropics

Activity time: 20 minutes

The tropics are warm and wet areas around the middle of the globe. They are home to lots of people, colourful birds, animals, plants and corals.

In this video we make tropical bird puppets to celebrate these regions and the amazing wildlife that lives there. 

Download the family guide for more fun activities:

  • Throw a tropics party 
  • Make a Hawaiian flower necklace (lei) 
  • Make a pina colada mocktail or tropical fruit skewer
  • Do an animal dance and limbo with our playlist

Family guide

You’ll need....

  • paper or card
  • cardboard tube (optional) 
  • scissors
  • crayons, textas, pencils
  • glue stick or sticky tape
  • string, ribbon or pipe cleaners.