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Behind the Lines – Audio Description Online

Listen to audio descriptions of political cartoons in the Behind the Lines exhibition or at home.


Lower floor

Black and white audio description symbol

This tour features audio descriptions of a selection of cartoons from the Behind the Lines 2023 exhibition. It has been designed for people who are blind or have low vision but can be enjoyed by all visitors.   

There are 11 stops on the tour. Stop 1 introduces listeners to the exhibition space. Each of the remaining stops includes a detailed audio description of a cartoon and the exhibition label text. Transcripts are available for each audio description. 

Follow the tour in order by selecting 'Stop 1' or select a cartoon from the stops listed below. Navigate between stops using the 'Next' and 'Previous' buttons or come back to this list of stops at any time by clicking 'Tour menu'.  

If you plan to listen to this tour in the exhibition space you will need to bring your own device and headphones. You might like to bring a friend to help you navigate between cartoons.

Audio descriptions developed with Access2Arts.