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Custom group tour

Discover Old Parliament House’s architecture and history with your friends, colleagues or customers. 


Phone 02 6270 8222 or email

Let us take your group on a tour of Old Parliament House exploring the ideas, people and events of Australia, in the very place where they occurred. 

We can cater tours to the size and interests of your group. 

Phone 02 6270 8222 or email to make a group booking. 


  • 2-10 participants: $50
  • 11-20 participants: $100
  • 21-40 participants: $200
  • 41-60 participants: $300

We are happy to discuss a discount if these charges pose an obstacle to participation on a case by case basis. 

Free admission for carers

All carers accompanying your group are admitted free of charge. Just let us know how many when you book.

A view out to the Senate chamber. In the foreground are red leather bound books on a long table. Red carpet and red leather chairs in a horseshoe shape with timber panels and art deco lights.

A dark room with heavy curtins and a large, heavy oval shaped table with a hole in the middle surrounded by large grey chairs.