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Write a letter

Writing a letter is a great way to share information and talk about a cause you’re passionate about.

Activity time: 20 minutes

Here are 5 people you can write a letter to. 

Your local Member of Parliament

The primary role of an MP is to represent the opinions of their electorate in debates over laws and policies. One of the best ways to amplify your voice is to write to them directly.  Find out where to send your letter and how to properly address an MP

A loved one

Remind a friend or family member that you love them by writing to them. Include one of your most hilarious shared memories, lyrics from their favourite song, or a recommendation for a TV show or film you think they will enjoy. For an extra surprise, print a photo of the two of you and slip it in the envelope.  

Your local newspaper editor

Look up your local newspaper to find out their address. In Canberra, it's the Canberra Times.  What issues most impact your community? What do you think we should do about it? Keep your letter short and sweet to pack the most punch.   

Someone who inspires you

This could be anyone! It could be a sporting hero, an entertainer, or even one of your old teachers. Thank them for the influence they’ve had on your life. It might just make their day... 

The prime minister

Take your concerns straight to the top by writing directly to the Prime Minister. Make a case for which issue you think needs to be addressed most urgently and why. Try incorporating evidence to make your point extra convincing.

We hope that we have inspired you to take pen to paper and get writing. Open and honest communication is integral to both our personal lives and the ongoing functioning of the democratic process. May this be the first of many letters.