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Spirit of Service

Discover the people behind the scenes of the public service. 


Ground Floor

This exhibition introduces you to the surprising and diverse ways these behind-the-scenes workers serve our community. From weapons system engineers to veterinarians, public servants are responsible for everything from making sure you get your tax return to the daily weather report.  

Hear stories from an Australian Border Force dog handler, an intelligence analyst, a Native Title policy adviser and more. See unusual objects reflecting the unexpected work of the Australian Public Service and learn about some of the big issues public servants face today.

A man leans against a pillar talking to another man. In front of them is a large black and white photo featuring lots of different people.

People mill around talking to each other and looking into glass displays in a museum exhibition. One features a bright yellow suit.

Plan your visit

This is a dimly light exhibition.

Videos play in the exhibition.

There is seating in the exhibition.