Old Parliament House building works

  • Written byMoAD
  • DateWed, 21 Sep 2022

MoAD is replacing the roofs of the Senate Chamber and the House of Representatives Chamber.

These works remediate irreparable damage caused by the 20 January 2020 hailstorm and ensure the ongoing protection of our much-loved heritage building.

Works will take place from September 2022 and conclude in early 2024.

How this impacts your visit

MoAD is open. The roof replacements will take place sequentially and each chamber will be temporarily closed while the works take place above. Work has begun on the Senate Chamber roof and the Senate Chamber is temporarily closed. The House of Representatives Chamber roof will be replaced in 2023 and this website will be updated to reflect changes to visitor access when this occurs.

When you visit Old Parliament House you will see scaffolding on the building, and you may see a crane lifting materials into place. Each roof will be wrapped in a white tent-like fabric while work occurs. This protects the worksite and the building from the elements.

Replacing roofs on a heritage listed building

MoAD has incorporated heritage, architectural and engineering advice into the roof replacement design and project delivery. The new roofs replicate the colour and design details of the existing which are made from flat zinc coated steel with rolled edges in a pyramid form.

The existing internal timber roof structure has been damaged by rot and fungus contamination and will be replaced with a new steel structure. The replacement roofs will appear very similar to the existing, with minor performance and safety enhancements to meet current codes and standards. The project will be carefully managed according to the policies in the Old Parliament House and Curtilage Heritage Management Plan 2021-26.